Developer FAQ

In this page we would like to list some relevant questions developers have asked in an attempt to gather some good knowledge

- "I have funds in NOIS. I am about to deploy a nois-proxy on my chain, How does the payment work? When we instantiate the proxy, should I send you the "manager" or contract address? How will the proxy know to debit our account on the Nois side, if that makes sense?"

- So as soon as you open a channel between your proxy and the gateway, the gateway will instantiate a nois-payment contract for your proxy. the proxy will know by itself from IBC its nois-payment address. because it receives a welcome packet from the gateway that will update it with the nois price and the nois-payment contract that the gateway has instantiated for it.

- "If I instantiate the proxy with the prices parameter [1.5juno,50nois], it would mean that each GetNextRandomness call would cost this much?"

- Yes! it will cost this OR that not a combination. So it will cost whether 1.5juno or 50 NOIS. But it will cost the Dapp to pay the proxy. So the proxy gets those funds. You are the manager of the proxy so those are your funds.