How to stake


  • Have a Keprl wallet or similar (+info)
  • Have an address in the Nois network (+info)

Why staking

Staking $NOIS helps secure the network and allows to earn rewards. Unstaking $NOIS is subject to some ubonding time period where you wait for your tokens to be unstaked (21 days at the time of writing). During this period no rewards are distributed.

How and where to stake

You can use one of these web tools to stake NOIS:

Staking with the CLI

If you are familiar with CLI tools in the Cosmos ecosystem, you can use noisd like any other chain to delegate, redelegate and unbond. However, please note that this is only recommended for experienced users. Getting the parameters wrong may have unintended consequences.

noisd tx staking delegate {VALIDATOR_ADDRESS} {AMOUN_IN_UNOIS}unois \
  --node "" \
  --chain-id nois-1 \
  --gas auto --gas-adjustment 1.3 --gas-prices 0.05unois \
  --from {KEY_NAME} \
  --sign-mode amino-json --ledger \
  --broadcast-mode block